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We bear the responsibility of creating a world that future generations can also inhabit, as much as ensuring the comfort of our guests. At Swissôtel Büyük Efes, we prioritize the principle of sustainability and elevate our responsibility towards the environment and society to the highest level.

With this commitment, we take steps to minimize our environmental impact, preserve natural resources, and provide societal benefits. By using eco-friendly materials, promoting energy and water conservation, and supporting local producers, we contribute to a sustainable future.

Through our food policy, we reduce food waste and adopt an environmentally conscious approach by using natural products. Additionally, we support organizations helping children and actively participate in community projects as part of our social responsibility.

Through education and awareness programs, we empower our employees in sustainability matters and enable them to develop solution-oriented approaches. We aim to increase energy efficiency and minimize our environmental impact through technological investments.

At Swissôtel Büyük Efes, we aspire to contribute to future generations leading their lives in a more livable world, in line with our sustainability vision.

Together with all our stakeholders as the Swissotel Büyük Efes family, we commit to:

  • Diligently monitoring compliance with relevant laws, ensuring the fulfillment of our commitment to showing respect to individuals,
  • Creating a safe working environment by adhering to legal regulations and standards with a sustainable approach in health and safety matters,
  • Acting with the awareness that safety is a fundamental component of the products and services we offer, and it is one of our guests’ primary expectations,
  • Embracing a zero-tolerance approach within the framework of ethical rules,
  • Aiming for all processes to be conducted transparently, based on objective criteria, and in a fair manner,
  • Demonstrating compliance with Personal Data and Information System Security, ensuring adherence to laws,
  • Acting in accordance with intellectual property rights within the framework of compliance and respect,
  • Embracing an approach that does not accept any behavior violating the right of every individual to be respected and human dignity,
  • Expanding our business with projects that respect our planet by reducing our environmental footprint,
  • Increasing awareness of sustainability, covering environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health and safety aspects, primarily among our employees and all our stakeholders,
  • Directly or indirectly reducing adverse effects with approaches that preserve natural resources,
  • Designing for biodiversity preservation in every new project, adapting to local ecosystems,
  • Ensuring proper waste management and aiming for less waste,
  • Being tightly connected to local communities and supporting their development through both direct and indirect projects,
  • Regulating processes in compliance with all national and international laws, regulations, and standards,
  • Embracing an approach focused on guest satisfaction to enhance service quality.


We commit to making sustainability our focal point, along with these fundamental points.




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